Marian Moszoro

Corporate Finance is an intricate, but uncomplicated area of business once basic concepts are grasped in a big picture. These charts depict a graphical representation of this “big picture” approach to Corporate Finance and comprehensibly present functional areas: working capital management, capital budgeting, capital structure, business valuation, and payout policy; concepts: working capital requirements vs. working capital, sustainable growth, book vs. market value, short-term vs. long-term decisions, cash flows, leverage, cost of capital, risks and returns, coverage ratios; and tools: uses and sources of finance, cash conversion cycle, DuPont analysis, valuation multiples, and cash flows discounted at the appropriate rate. The document includes a glossary with succinct definitions of key corporate finance terms. “The Big Picture of Corporate Finance” constitutes a handy supportive material for Corporate Finance educators and practitioners. 

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