Marian Moszoro

The highly dynamic and participatory case method is the main methodological tool that I use in my courses. Through research-based business cases, students engage in a process of analysis and in-depth discussion of the real-life challenges faced by companies worldwide. 

Other participatory teaching methods—such as seminar discussions and Oxford debates—are also employed.

Current courses:

  1. Economies in Transition (Econ 380)
  2. International Economics (Econ 390)
  3. International Money & Finance (Econ 420)

Previous courses:

  1. Project Finance (MBA)
  2. Corporate Finance (MBA)
  3. Corporate Finance (AMP)
  4. Direccion Financiera II (PDD)
  5. Business Valuation in Emerging Markets (MBA)
  6. Finance in Motion (MA)
  7. Cases in Finance & Accounting (BA)

  Supportive materials:

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